3 Great Boot Camps in Norwich UK

Boot Camps in Norwich UK

Military Bootcamp Fitness


Build Confidence

When we get out more and meet people and feel better about ourselves, it builds our confidence, which can only be a good thing.

Boost Your Mood

We have all heard about the benefits of exercise on our mental health – well, when you exercise outdoors, you feel even better.

Increase Energy Levels

Its actual exercise does increase your energy levels. It can be hard to leave the house and turn up, but remember, I always say the only lousy session is the one you don’t turn up for!

3 Great Boot Camps in Norwich UK

The Norwich Fitness Academy

Boot Camps in Norwich UK

The Norwich Fitness Academy Bootcamp club welcomes everybody. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned pro, we can suit your fitness needs in our innovative and FUN Bootcamps. Come down for a free taster session, and we promise you’ll have fun.



Monthly Membership:

  • £64.99

3 Month Block 

  • £180

6 Month Block

  • £330


  • £90

Student, Military & NHS discounts are Available.

Action Fitness Norwich

AFN Boot Camps in Norwich UK

AFN operate outside boot camps at Whitlingham Country Park and Catton Park throughout the week. 

Sessions are for all abilities of fitness, from absolute beginner to advanced. 

Catton Park – Time Table

Monday – 09:30 

Tuesday – 06:45

Friday – 06:45

Whitlingham- Time Table

Tuesday – 18:30

Thursday – 18:30

Friday – 09:30

Saturday – 07:30

Book up to 14 days in advance.

Are AFN Boot Camps For Everyone?

Yes, we cater for all abilities. 

Classes are so that everyone there will be pushed to their fitness level. 

Some sessions are banded Green (Beginner), Yellow (Intermediate) and Red (Advanced). The sessions run in the same format for all, but the exercises may vary slightly depending on your band.

Should I Bring Any Equipment?

You do not need to bring any equipment. Most Catton Park sessions are bodyweight only, or we incorporate resistance bands.

At Whitlingham, we can use more equipment, which is sanitised and supplied for your workout.

How Much Is Bootcamp & How Long Does It Last

Bootcamps are £6.00 per 45-minute session if you pay as go. Or there are some great membership options.

Is It Suitable For Any Age?

These classes are for those over 16’s—no maximum age group.

Is There An Advanced Class?

The classes are designed to test every level. 

All abilities will be pushed to their level in the Bootcamp.

Discover More Boot Camps in Norwich UK

If you’d like to find more Bootcamp options in the Norwich area, click here to find out more.

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