3 Great Gyms in Norwich UK

Finding the right gym is a great way to get fitter, stronger, and tone up. Gyms are excellent places to find a supportive, vibrant community to help you achieve your fitness goals. Here are 3 Great Gyms in Norwich, UK, to try.

  1. Fitness Space
  2. Body Transform Fitness
  3. Phoenix Gym

Fitness Space


Whether you’re a gym newbie or training is your thing – we’ll take your fitness further than you ever thought possible. 

No one says it’ll be easy, but with your coach, a unique programme and a digitally connected experience, you’ll be on track to smash your goals.

Gyms in Norwich UK


Get ready! Your coach is about to take you on the best journey you’ll ever make! We’ll get to know you and your body – from your competencies, DNA, and health history, to the time you can train – to create your unique programme uploaded to your Fitness Space app. We’ll be there every step.


Training starts now! Grab your phone and download the Fitness Space app, available for Apple and Android, to access your programme. Use the app to connect to the studio equipment, follow your programme and connect with your coach 24/7 through the messenger service. You can also integrate your favourite fitness apps, capture all your moves and track your progress. Tech is our buzz.


Get booking your PT with your coach – they’ll get you where you want to be! Motivation, focus – our coaches give you more than just a workout. Your coach will review your results and tweak your programme, so you’ll only ever make progress.


Sweat hard, tone up, try something new – whatever your vibe, we have a class for you. Group classes are available exclusively for members.

Fitness Space

Body Transform Fitness

About Body Transform Fitness Gyms in Norwich UK

Founded in Norwich in January 2013, Body Transform Fitness has helped over 500 men and women across Norwich get into the shape of their lives, dropping between 7 lbs and six stone of body fat, getting a lean, toned tummy, arms, legs and bum in the process.

How? Gyms in Norwich UK

We identified there was a problem. Most people we’re completely under-served by the fitness and health industry and had zero results to show for the £ hundreds (most probably £ thousands) they have spent on things like:

Gym Memberships where you feel intimidated when you walk in, and they forget about you once they’ve got you tied into a contract.

Pay As You Go / “Turn Up When You Like” Bootcamps you go to a couple of times and then lose motivation.

Fad Diets or crazy shakes do long term damage to your metabolism and leave you constantly hungry and irritable.

Exercise Machines that gather dust in the spare room.

They were just left feeling sick and tired of feeling low on energy, constantly tired and sluggish and frustrated that they couldn’t get into the shape they wanted.

The reason all the above fail to deliver long term transformational results is that they do not have the critical elements of a successful programme (Mindset, Exercise, Nutrition, Support) which, up until now, was only available to the select few with personal training.

We found that for many people, three sessions of personal training a week with a decent personal trainer with the knowledge and skills to deliver results was likely to cost them around £400 per month, which was too much of a stretch.

So we created a solution.

We created a system with years of experience in delivering incredible body and life-changing results.

A group training exercise programme backed up with first-class, science-based coaching in mindset and nutrition delivered in a team-based environment that fully supports you and holds your hand every step of reaching your goals.

Personal trainers and coaches lead programmes with a proven track record of getting results, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Our group training and coaching model means we can give you a personal training service, but you don’t need to spend £400 a month on a personal trainer. Our programmes range from £90-£150 per month, and our promise backs up everyone.

We’re not a “gym” where you get a place to train but none of the help you need to succeed. Our system gives you everything you need to get long term, body-changing results.

If you want the cheapest option, join a budget gym and try and figure out how to get results yourself.

But if you’re in that bracket where you’re prepared to invest in yourself to reach your goals, but personal training is too much of a stretch, but you know you need more than a gym membership or some crazy diet shake, then you may be a great fit to work with us.

Body Transform Fitness

Phoenix Gym

Rated “The Best Gym in Norwich” for the last five years!

Phoenix Feels Good, Like a Gym Should!

Phoenix Gym Boasts the Largest Choice of Equipment of all the Gyms in Norwich, including dedicated Boxing and Functional Zones, a Huge choice of free weights and resistance machines, and the most experienced team of Personal Trainers in a Friendly, Results-Focused Training Atmosphere.

All our membership plans are “No Contract”, and you can Cancel Anytime by providing us with a minimum of 7 days written notice.

“Raise Your Game” at the Phoenix Gym in Norwich UK

Phoenix Gym is Norwich’s largest independent gym with over 215 workstations and a great atmosphere – so your workout need never be boring again.

Phoenix Gym Norwich

Discover Fitness 

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