4 Great Bodybuilding Gyms in Cambridge

We’ve put together some of the best gyms for Bodybuilding Gyms in Cambridge, if you want to find more of the best Gyms in Cambridge click here.

Le Coach

WHY LE COACH FITNESS?​ Bodybuilding Gyms in Cambridge

Le Coach Fitness is a local gym for the Cambridge community aimed at people serious about achieving their fitness and body transformation goals. 

Nathaniel Goldstein opened Le Coach Fitness in 2021. A regular competitor in drug-free bodybuilding events.

Le Coach Fitness aims to establish itself as the Cambridge gym for people looking for the best training environment, the best range of Old School and New School equipment, and the best Personal Trainers! 

Why are we different?

We are very Local: We are a minor (well, at 1450sq ft, not too small!) non-commercial gym dedicated to giving people the best range of specialist machines within a friendly training environment. Enthusiasts run us, not just a big gym focused on creating the most significant profit. Located in Milton, just on the outskirts of Cambridge off the A14, access is effortless. We have free parking on-site or at the nearby Park and Ride. 

Seriously well equipped

We may not be the largest gym in Cambridge, but we are sure that we are one of the best equipped! With a mix of handpicked OLDSCHOOL equipment and custom made NEW SCHOOL equipment, we challenge you to find a better-equipped gym in the Cambridge area! 

 Le Coach Fitness has been created explicitly for those who want to train HARD on SPECIAL equipment.  

Great Atmosphere

Our goal is to create a friendly, informal and inclusive training atmosphere that attracts members. We have a hugely loyal membership, from new mums to pro-card holding bodybuilders. 

We are proud of our friendly, helpful staff, who are here to help. Whether you are just starting on your fitness journey or here to train for a competition, at Le Coach Fitness, you’ll be with like-minded, positive people who genuinely want to help you achieve your fitness goals.

To maintain the atmosphere, we have chosen to limit Membership to no more than 80 people, plus day passes. Our Member’s needs always come first!

Tailored Training from top Personal Trainers

We select our Trainers for their experience and commitment – and ability to deliver a service tailored to members’ needs. If you want to start your fitness journey with a severe and motivated Trainer, get in contact and make an appointment with one of the Personal Training staff.

From toning up to weight loss and bodybuilding, we have the expertise and specialist equipment to help you achieve your fitness goals.

RP Fitness

RP Fitness Cambridge

Join our Cambridge gym today with 24/7 access

Whether you’re new to training or a seasoned gym-goer, we have something for you at our Cambridge gym. A gym should have excellent equipment and a friendly and inclusive atmosphere; our members couldn’t agree more.

You’ll find us in North Cambridge just off the A14 and Milton road – easy to get to for commuters and locals alike! We have plenty of state-of-the-art equipment, including cardio and weight machines and a huge free weights area. We have what you need to turn your goals into results, whatever your fitness level.

Thousands of people in Cambridgeshire are achieving their fitness goals with RP Fitness.

Join Cambridge’s biggest independent 24/7 gym today.

*equivalent monthly price for 12 months

What are the benefits of this gym?

  • No contract
  • Open 24/7
  • Free parking
  • Air conditioning
  • Free coffee
  • Bring a guest
  • Changing rooms, showers
  • Protein shakes/pre-workouts
  • On-demand fitness app
  • Biggest independent gym in Cambridge
  • No Contract
  • Huge Range Of Kit
  • Family Run

PB Gym

Bodybuilding Gyms in Cambridge

A community-focused weight lifting gym, PB gym caters to Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman training, and bodybuilding.

PB Gym Facilities

The gym includes weightlifting platforms, men’s and women’s Olympic barbells, bumper plates, and squat racks. The mirrored free weight sections include a large number of dumbbells, plate-loaded machines, cable machines, and pull-up bars.

There is a cardio training area, which includes a rowing machine, air bike, punching bag, and stationary bike. There is also a studio for group classes.

Parking and showers are available making sessions convenient and flexible for members with a busy schedules.

Located near Addenbrooke’s hospital site, this is a convenient location for anyone living or working in the South of Cambridge looking for a friendly gym, that will also produce great results. PB Gym also has an in-house barber and physiotherapist.

Leys Leisure Complex

Our Gym membership* package offer you exclusive access to our gym suites.
We have developed two different gym spaces within our sports centre that integrate numerous types of training in an open-plan layout. The rooms are divided into specialised zones – we have areas for cardio, functional training, resistance machines, free weights and a fully kitted kickboxing gallery.

We have got an excellent range of gym equipment. Plenty of it, too, with a vast range of cardio machines, functional floor space, and SYNRGY360 accessories to add variety to your workouts. Additionally, we have Olympic lifting platforms and dumbbells, so you will have a range of equipment to facilitate your training sessions.

Our Racquets membership* package will offer you exclusive access to our tennis, squash, badminton courts and table tennis.

Furthermore, we have three outdoor tennis courts, three squash courts, and five badminton courts throughout the day at our sports centre.

If you feel you would like all of what is on offer, then ourAll Inclusive membership* may be for you. With so much choice, it’s straightforward to keep your workouts exciting and fresh at Leys Leisure.

*All our facilities are subject to availability and must be booked in advance.

Discover Fitness 

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